Kitchen dining 650x435 - How to Refurbish Your Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate. That’s why we recommend refurbishing your kitchen instead. It gets the job done in a more practical and budget-friendly way, whilst still giving you free reign on design, style, and usefulness. Expensive furniture, fancy appliances, and the multitude of utilities needed to equip a kitchen can make a renovation project very expensive. However, we find that refurbishing the kitchen cabinetry is enough to give your tired central hub a revitalising makeover with time and money to spare!

There’s no better feeling than having a kitchen you actually enjoy preparing food or eating in that match your tastes and desired storage solutions. The kitchen is a place where your family gathers to cook and eat good food, It should match the way you live and offer flexibility, sustainability, and perfect style.

If you’re after a more one-of-a-kind kitchen, then going bespoke or custom on your kitchen cabinetry is the perfect solution. Design your space specifically the way you need it to function and allow us to adapt your ideas to make it work. Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, custom cabinetry makes any space better than modular or out of the box solutions.

How do you plan for your kitchen refurbishment?

Do your research first. Look at magazines, kitchen brochures, showrooms, and other places online that inspire you with hues, variety, and sustainability. We work with you to design custom cabinetry in the style, colour, and material you want to use. We love seeing your muses and vision as it inspires us to create something uniquely yours that we know you’ll love.

Think about functionality. The best thing about custom cabinetry is that you get to choose how you store your pots, pans, and other utensils. The chaos in your kitchen needs its own space. Arrange everything behind closed cabinet doors for a more uniform, calming kitchen that makes eating breakfast in the morning and cleaning up after dinner a much easier and nicer affair.

Match your favourite hues. What colour palette have you chosen for your home? Do you want your kitchen to match it or stand out? Would you like to go traditional or more modern? The kitchen houses your first sip of morning coffee, crisp paper bag lunches for the kids, and a lovingly made home cooked meal enjoyed around the dining table after a long day. Experiment with different tones that contrast and combine to create a kitchen that is uniquely yours and reflects all the best and most communal parts of family life. Easy to design and install, your kitchen façade can be comprised of anything that suits your aesthetic, whilst still being functional.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Brisbane1 650x434 - How to Refurbish Your Kitchen on a Budget

No matter what your requirements are we will discuss your ideas and needs as well as the products and solutions we have available. If you have a specific idea that you want to implement into your kitchen, we can determine the best course of action and bring your design to life.

If you’re interested in learning more about a customised and budget-friendly alternative to a full renovation, call us today for more information.