When it comes to your living room, we can all agree that it needs to be comfortable. As a source of serenity and practicality, your living room should be designed for you and by you to organise, display and enjoy your media just the way you like it. And if it happens to have some helpful furnishings that intentionally minimise clutter and perhaps get some pesky storage out of the way – all the better!

A custom-made entertainment centre does it all for you. And if your old entertainment centre just isn’t cutting it anymore, why not design a new one?

For most of us, our living room is our entertainment centre, with a television as the focal point of the entire room. It is our go-to place to relax, have a bit of me-time, spend time with family, watch the latest blockbuster, or just sit and enjoy. But your entertainment centre should be about more than just your TV.

A custom-built entertainment unit allows you to design your space the way you want it. Not just a border for your TV, it gives you the opportunity to display your treasures, add extra storage space, build a library or draw focus to other design aspects. You can make your entertainment room the cultural hub of your home, perfectly encapsulating your comforting home atmosphere and family aesthetic.

So how do you design a custom entertainment centre? Well, you’ve got to consider what you want in terms of style and functionality. Do you want to display treasures such as books, ornaments, and family photographs? Or would you like a clean and pristine room with closed cabinets, mood lighting and smooth lines? Would you like a library or hovering shelves? A housed fireplace or simplistic cabinetry?

How much room have you got to play with?
Measuring the room and configuring how you want everything placed out and built is the first step in designing your stunning cabinetry. Consider the current layout of your room. How much space have you got to play with?

A smaller room gives you a more streamlined option of shelving with smaller units and cabinetry for your most prized possessions. A larger room lets you play with space. Want a floor-to-ceiling room length library? A large glass display for your drinks and crockery? Big or small, custom cabinetry works in any room.

Custom Cabinet Maker Redlands21 - Make Your Living Room the Best Place in the House

Think about style and design
Consider the pre-existing aesthetic of your home. How do you want your custom cabinetry to fit in with the overall theme? Champion your space with an entertainment centre that maintains a clean look with plenty of extra space.
Gone are the days of the old TV entertainment unit. Whilst a built-in wall unit might feel a bit more traditional, elevate it to modernity with stark white that offsets colourful books and living room treasures. Play with a blank canvas that allows your creativity to shine.

Cabinet Maker Redlands12 - Make Your Living Room the Best Place in the House

How about something a bit more modern? Keep things crisp and clean with a minimalist look that works great in small spaces. Open up your room with custom cabinetry that ensures you never feel stifled, no matter how little the space.

Cabinetry Maker Redlands11 - Make Your Living Room the Best Place in the House

Or maybe you’re looking for something understated? Compact and unassuming, a cabinet feature wall still packs a punch when it comes to extra storage and functionality. Store your media and wares neatly away for a streamlined look that makes even the cosiest living room look tidy.

Cabinetry Maker Redlands12 - Make Your Living Room the Best Place in the House

Make sure it’s functional
The best part about our custom cabinetry is their imperceptible functionality. Do you collect art or photographs? What about prized possessions and treasured objects? How would you like to arrange your books and gadgets? Custom cabinetry is the answer to all of your display and storage questions.

Ensure that you get the most out of your entertainment centre. It should reflect your passion and personality through the way it displays itself.

Our Australian made and owned custom cabinetry is made to last. So, we make sure to thoroughly plan, design, and craft an exceptional entertainment centre that we’re sure you’ll love! Defining your space as stylish and comfortable is our passion. Call us to make it a reality!