When we think of entertainment centres, we can often think of old school TV set-ups. Frumpy couches around an old TV, trinkets displayed to the ongoing foot traffic, shelving that never seems to be fitted properly for a variety of personal valuables.

At GJ Cabinets, our custom entertainment cabinetry is state-of-the-art. We create custom cabinetry to store all your valuables and more with practicality, sophistication, and the perfect blend of expert craftsmanship and customisation. If you have the space, we can turn any room into the perfect entertainment central hub or hideaway to suit your specific needs.

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There are many different types of entertainment centres (not just the TV room) that we expertly accessorise with custom cabinetry. Whether you want a standard design or something truly unique to your style, we work with you to create it.

The Media Room and Living Area
When it comes to your living room, we can all agree that it needs to be comfortable. As a source of serenity and practicality, your living room should be designed for you and by you to organise, display and enjoy your media just the way you like it.
A custom-built entertainment unit isn’t just a border for your television. It also gives you the opportunity to display your treasures and add extra storage space. Or, you can create a central hub that perfectly encapsulates a darkened theatre for your favourite films, the ease of socialising with friends around the fireplace, or the rush of adrenaline when playing video games on the big screen. Use the cabinetry around your television to enhance sound, practicality, storage and media displays.

Custom Libraries and Book Shelving
The humble home library is a tranquil sanctuary in today’s digital world. With a collection of books that hold a thousand stories surrounding you, the home library is beautiful, useful and indulgent – a welcoming reprieve from everyday life. Comfortable, welcoming and restful, the library is a place in which an individual can seek privacy and a safe haven to read, study or work. The custom cabinetry along the walls is pertinent in ensuring that the library fulfils its purpose.

The success of a home library is dependent upon its construction. The consideration that goes into how best to store your precious treasures and books is what we use to expertly create custom cabinetry that suits your needs and purposes.

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Bar Room and Alcohol Storage
Home bars are often desired but can be a tricky project to tackle. Some homes need huge rooms for their extensive bottle collections and entertainment needs, other prefer hidden bars and subtle selections. Custom cabinetry can complement any design to easily and efficiently create an impressive home bar for any social situation.

Home bars are notoriously fancy and always impressive in any home. They help keep your drinks safe, your storage organised, your collection displayed, and your preparation area stocked and ready to use. By having all your bar accessories in one place, entertaining is easier when a situation calls for a celebration, party or relaxing sip amongst friends. Custom cabinetry allows you the freedom to move about without having to hike it to the kitchen and back every time someone wants a top-up.

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For more information about custom cabinetry and how we can tailor it to your desired entertainment centre, call us today.