Oftentimes, when we renovate or design a new kitchen, we’re torn between going with something hip and trendy or classic and always-in-style. Which will work better with the rest of the house? Which will look nicer and add value to the home? Which will you not get bored of more quickly?Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Brisbane1 300x200 - Want to Try Something Different? Curved Cabinetry is Bold and Classy

Curved cabinetry is the dark horse of kitchen design that combines both hip design with ever-lasting class. Once too far out-of-reach in terms of budget, savvy architects, designers and experienced builders are finding creative and cost-effective ways of working curves into the kitchen. Ideal for any style of home, these curves create memorable kitchens with a distinguishing point of difference that’ll be impossible to stop loving in years to come.

Curved cabinetry is not for the light of heart. It packs a punch and doesn’t apologize when it comes to making your home stunning and contoured. Curves make such a difference to the look and feel of a room. Featuring organic shapes rounded with soft curves, the room feels more relaxed, spacious and welcoming, as well as more humanized and natural. This gentle take on architectural structure lends itself best to thought out planning and design.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Brisbane6 300x200 - Want to Try Something Different? Curved Cabinetry is Bold and Classy

Think About Colours

Curved cabinetry is more natural, flowing with imperceptible grace and ease around bends and rounds. It makes sense to think of natural materials and earth-inspired colours when it comes to outfitting these organic shapes. This cabinetry shines brightest when outfitted in rich woods, worn concrete, dark timbers, smooth marble, and polished chrome. Let nature do the talking and invite calmness into your everyday life.

Curve the Design

Kitchens can be any size when it comes to being curvaceous. Organic shapes take centre stage and are heightened by a balanced composition between right-angles and semi-circles. Soften the look and feel of your kitchen with a subtle sweep amongst corners that direct you towards the flow of open living and easy design. Curved shapes are easier to keep clean and precise, with no harsh corners or abrupt endings spoiling the sophistication of a well-thought-out central hub. Whether your island is the main curved ingredient in your kitchen design, or your upper cabinetry makes a gentle trip around the room, adding a curved element balances clean natural lines with architectural form.

Storage Wars No More

The best part about curved cabinetry? More imperceptible hiding places for all your kitchen storage. Beauty is in the bendy details, and those details are hidden behind soft curves of easily accessible storage solutions. With a radius that creates more room for your pots and pans, these contoured cabinets are a lot kinder to those who bump into them than the sharp and difficult corner cabinets that have to be hidden away. Enjoy all the benefits of any other cabinet with built in storage and pantry pull-outs in even the roundest of places.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets Redlands4 1 225x300 - Want to Try Something Different? Curved Cabinetry is Bold and Classy

Looking to renovate your bathroom as well? Curved cabinetry works just as well in tight spaces! Its subtle sweep and organic shapes make the most of your space, combining your bathroom components with easy storage and gentle design for well thought-out and generous privacy.

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